Research shows that the majority of businesses fail to translate plans into execution; 3 out of 5 according to a 5 year study. People are working harder, but often without focus, direction, and accountability. It’s like pushing harder against a rope.

According to research by IBM, most CEOs consider themselves and their organizations largely ineffective at implementing change; a failure rate of almost 60 percent. The gap between the need for change capability and actual capability has more than tripled since the last study, in 2006.

So, what’s the problem? The key challenges with most businesses are that:

  1. People do not have a clear idea of the decisions and actions they are responsible for
  2. The direction/vision is not compelling
  3. Leadership is not trusted/not credible
  4. There is no culture of accountability
  5. There is a lack of belief, buy-in, and emotional connection
  6. Poor communication throughout the organization

When we identify execution gaps on the results side, the goal is to help you execute better on your top priorities.This  could result in us working with you on :

  • Tactical plans
  • Annual objectives
  • A “100 day” plan
  • A change initiative like:
    • An acquisition
    • Restructuring
    • New products
    • New markets
    • New capabilities required
  • Development of the corporate strategic plan, which could include mission, vision, and values. Communication throughout the organization: facilitating meetings with everyone at all levels so there is absolute clarity around the key goals and initiatives, their individual deliverables and responsibilities, and how they link to the organizational strategy and goals (alignment)

The Results:

Real-life action plans focusing on the most important initiatives that:

  1. Everyone understands, with crystal clarity: the focus, direction, key priorities, their responsibilities, and how what they do links to the overall picture
  2. Have buy-in and believability: enthusiasm, energy, and engagement
  3. Increase individual and organization performance
  4. Improve business results: more golden eggs