Need a Business Coach? Top 5 Questions To Ask Yourself

Need a business coach? Top 5 Questions to ask yourself. Why a blog on this? In my view, anyone leading a business needs a coach, assuming they want to achieve consistent, superior results and their heads aren’t  so big they can’t squeeze it through a doorway. What professional athlete, regardless of their proficiency level, doesn’t have at least one coach to help them improve on their strengths, and minimize their weaknesses? Yet, in business, we often can think that getting a coach can be a sign of weakness or that we are missing something that should be there. Sometimes, it can be as simple as not knowing what a business coach can do for you that is the stumbling block.

If you’ve never seen Google CEO Eric Schmidt speak about the value he has received from a business coach, watch a short video of him  speaking about it here. According to the Harvard Business Review, two of every five new chief executives fail in their first 18 months on the job. You might think this has to do with competence, knowledge, or experience, but it most often doesn’t. More often it’s due to an inflated ego, a lack of emotional intelligence, and a leadership style out of touch with today.

What if you’re an entrepreneur, an owner of a small to medium-sized business. You might be saying to yourself that business coaches or executive coaches as they are sometimes referred to as, are for the hired guns in corporations. That’s not the case, although I know it might take some convincing. Many business owners and hired CEO’s believe that since they are successful, then they must have reached that success because of their behaviors. Often, it’s despite some behaviors that they have had this success, and they could achieve much more from their people and businesses were they aware and committed to change these behaviors. Unfortunately, those at the top are often the least willing to hear honest and unvarnished feedback. They are also the least likely to hear the truth, given they sign the cheques.

So, here are the top questions you should ask yourself to determine whether you need a business coach or an executive. Are you…

  1. Struggling to achieve the results you want?
  2.  Wanting to improve your leadership capabilities?
  3. Looking for a trusted advisor to help you achieve more from your team and yourself?
  4. Frustrated with the unused capacity of your people?
  5. Having difficulty executing on top priorities?

If you’re wondering whether a business coach or an executive coach might be a good fit, but still aren’t convinced, download a free copy of my executive coach screening kit. It will give you plenty of questions to ask prior to deciding to hire one.

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